Christine McGuinness Presents Her
My Vibe Fitness plan
With strength training and conditioning focused sessions, demonstrated to you by Christine and expertly programmed by her personal trainer Oli, you’ll feel fitter, stronger, more toned and full of positive energy. 
"We all have our own reasons for training. For me I love the feeling of being fit healthy and creating a body that is strong. My time at the gym is also my ‘me time’ where I can de stress and focus on looking after and working on myself. I LOVE training and how it makes me feel both physically and mentally and always have done, which is why, alongside my PT Oli, we’ve created this help YOU fall in love with fitness, get great results and feel amazing, inside and out" - Christine
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A Personal Note From Christine...
This training plan is real training that has been developed to help you be fitter, stronger, more toned and feel amazing inside and out. 

I LOVE working out. My time at the gym is so important to me both for staying in shape and for clearing my’s like pressing the reset button. 

I've worked with one of the best personal trainers on this and I know you will love the workouts. They are challenging, teach you new things and whether you’re new to the gym or someone who has been going for a while and needs a new direction, you’ll get so much out of it. All you have to do is follow the plan, be consistent and challenge yourself and you’ll see amazing changes to your body and you’ll be buzzing with positive energy. 

The workouts that Oli creates for me are always time efficient, as I’m always on the go with the kids and working, so if you’re like me and struggle with time but want the results, then this is perfect for you. 

Christine's PLAN
  6-Week Progressive Training Plan
  10 x Video Workouts 
  Warm Up Video
  Cool Down Video
  Downloadable Guide
  Stats Tracking 
  Fitness Test  
  Expert Advice From PT Oli
You have Christine's words, but also...
Hear What People Who Have Tried The My Vibe Plan Say:
"I have honestly been amazed at how well this plan has worked and I’ve really enjoyed the great variety of sessions. I can see physically so many improvements, and  my stomach has almost disappeared. I have loved seeing the difference in the way I look but I think more so loved the way I feel. I feel great, full of energy, less tired and really healthy!"

RUTH, 40

what do you actually get?
6 Week Plan
by Christine McGuinness
  • 10 x Demo Workout Videos Unlock & Access Videos
  • Downloadable Guide Download & Keep Forever 
  • ​Warm Up & Cool Down Videos Unlock & Access 
  • Technique Tutorial With PT Oli Unlock & Access
  • Fitness Test Quickly & Easily Check Your Progress
  • Unlock MyVibe Track Stats, Log Workouts & Progress Pictures
believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS.
I've Done It Using This Plan... So Can You!
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